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January 12, 2010

Advice for Dads...

Sure, it's hard to be a dad, especially with a daughter.  How do you make sure she makes the right career choices?  Especially if you doubt your ability to pay for a college, or that your genetics will produce a child who can qualify for scholarships.

Well, there are a lot of girls putting themselves through college by stripping.  We've done our own informal survey on this, and it does seem the preeminent reason why most of them choose the profession.  So how do you prepare her for this path to education?

First, name her after a city.  Names like Dallas, Houston, Merced... you get the idea.  Sure, lots of girls use that type of name as a fake name, but having the name from the beginning will establish just the right level of self esteem.

Second, the right toys.  This one for example.

After that you're on your own dad.


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