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January 9, 2010

The Death of Hanna Montana...

Fictional characters are hard to walk away from. Just ask Sir Aurthur Conan Doyle.  When he decided he wanted to stop writing Sherlock Holmes stories, he had his fictional detective die in a drop from the Reichenbach Falls as he fought his arch-nemesis to the death.

Now, a similar pair wants to split. Still too juvenile to inspire the disturbing kinds of reaction in she does in older men, Miley Cyrus wants to "wrap up" the whole Hannah Montana personal and move on.

Of course, to do this right the HM persona should not be able to be resurrected later - those things just never go well.  No, the end must be certain, the end must be final.

We think a final plot for the one outstanding movie should have a international terrorist plot where Hanna goes undercover and finally sacrifices herself (while singing) to save some area of international importance, like Bern, Paris, Rome or perhaps Tennessee. A lamentation that she never knew the joys of spooning but being glad she was saving herself for marriage being her final words...

Of course Disney would have a say in this, except for the rebellion of MC and her recent attempts to develop a non-Disney clone personality.  We give you the recent news that she has a tattoo under her left breast, or even the news that she had indeed developed breasts. Should that not work, should her Disney keepers attempt to reign her in further, we expect big guns to be brought out. Reuniting with Nick Jonas for some soft core personal videos.

Oh stop. That can't possibly get you excited.  Perverts.

  Oh yeah, that Sherlock Holmes death thing didn't work, Doyle brought Holmes back for the Adventure of the Empty House, in which he explained Holmes mastery of Ju Jitsu allowed him to escape death.  Now the whole Robert Downey Junior version with the boxing doesn't sound so silly, right?  

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