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December 22, 2009

This just in...

Simon Cowell may not continue hosting American Idol after the 2010 season.

In related news: Blind panic in the streets. Planets wobble on their orbits. Light finally decides it's just a wave, not a particle. The Mayan calendar turns out to be off by a full year. Irrefutable evidence that the Earth is only 2000 years old is found in Alabama. A colony of bigfoot come out of hiding and begin negotiations for the return of their homeland. A new season of Twin Peaks is announced that will wrap up all the questions. Sony reintroduces Betamax. MacDonald's announces the McRib as a permanent addition to it's menu, but only in Saudi Arabia.

And Paula Abdul stands triumphant as she returns to host the American Idol show.

  Or, they'll just hand Simon a silly-big pile of money and two nights a week will continue to be wasted on this amazingly  

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