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December 21, 2009

Titans will be Remade...

Another example of how Hollywood has slipped into senility.  They're remaking the old Clash of the Titans flick. Sure, great new special effects, metal band themes, more drama... sigh.  It's like they can't recall having made these things before.  Is there really a strong following for the old movie, that they think they'll get an uptick in sales due to nostalgia?  No we're betting on the gestalt Alzheimer's effect, that the group-mind that comes up with things like Dukes of Hazard remakes simply forgets they've done it before.

The best thing about this movie, and by best we mean tragic, is that some producer's slacker son was apparently tasked with coming up with a tag-line for the first teaser trailer.  And they went with "Titan's will Clash."

Fucking brilliant. And you know that little underachiever made stupid money for it...

  He stepped up for the next one with "Damn the Gods."  Probably promoted for that one.  

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