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December 9, 2009

Does anyone actually use them?

We too got all excited when we first saw the weather widget that would sit on our computer's desktop and tell us what the weather was like outside.  Of course, we don't need the information as that whole "outside" thing is terribly overrated. But still, it updated and sat there like a little puppy, waiting for our attention.

And then we were over it. Trashed the puppy, er... widget, and got on with some serious computer work.

That's why we're taking as non-news the idea that Apple's widgets are falling behind in the "Widget Wars."  It's kind of like coming in second or third in the most likely to be an unread book on everyone's bookshelves. 

Oh, come on.  Did you actually read The Catcher in the Rye?  We have, and we can tell you that the Cliff Notes are actually more fulfilling as you don't use up as much of your life reading them.

But back to Widgets... then again, no.  Let's not...


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