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November 24, 2009

What the West Coast missed...

Ex-American Idol Adam Lambert told everyone watching on the East coast that things were going to get a little rough.  And then proceeded to fondle dancers, receive a simulated blow-job, and stick his tounge down the throat of the guy playing keyboards in the band.

Of course the sheltered West coast watchers saw none of that.  ABC knows that the notoriously prudish left coast simply can't handle such behavior, so the delayed broadcast was edited. Uh huh.

So 1500 complaints come in from those who saw the unedited performance. ABC scrambling to save face, or maybe just to get publicity

Only 1500?  Hell, there have to be that many complaints every time Lady GaGa and Rihanna bent over in their "strappy" oufits.

Or maybe we're getting complaints mixed up with thanks.  We do that occasionally...

  Kate Hudson should have won the award for best use of breast adhesive.  Serioulsy, you know you're glued in, do you have to flaunt it so much?  It's not a great tease.  

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