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November 5, 2009


Having had no hands-on time so far with the new Android 2.0 OS phone "The Droid" we have to reserve criticism of any technical or design flaws it may have. Oh, we feel the heat already on that statement, that there might be any is heresy to so many believers, but we're not going there so relax.

We're just wondering about the name.  Sure there were good, productive droids in Star Wars, like R2D2, and... um... well, there must have been more.  But the bulk of them were pretty inconsequential, bumbling, malfunctioning, and generally sub standard. Not something you want your technology to aspire to.

Then there's the mistaken identity problem.  Non Star Wars fans (and yes, there are some) are mixing the name up with Drone, the sexless, mindless, worker bee that makes up the bulk of the hive mind colony.  We're absolutely not making that up, we've had to defend that misunderstanding several times recently.  Still, it's quite an image.

And of course, drop the "D" and it's just a pain in the ass.

Marketing genius. It's a wonder so many of you guy get paid at all.


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