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October 29, 2009

A nice start...

Facebook just won $711,000,000 from "Spam King" Sanford Wallace.  The guy already owes $234,000,000 to Myspace. 

This guy is a recidivist, with spamming operations going back to the days of junk faxes. (In case you don't know what a fax is, go ask your grandfather.) Getting him now is great, because he's moved from simple spamming to phishing.  (If you don't know what phishing is, go ask your kids.)

Apparently the judgment isn't likely to get paid off any time soon, given his outstanding bills.

We suggest the money be earned by harvesting the guys organs and selling them on the black market. Yeah, that's a little light as punishments go, but we're willing to bargain here. Maybe just the duplicated organs, and glands.


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