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October 21, 2009

No Fun Education Day

We've had multiple comments on literacy. Unlike so many voices on the web today, we believe a literate populace is actually a good thing.  Go figure.

Today we want to push another educational item into your face.  Something you really should read up on.  Yeah, more literacy, but focused.  You like?

Net Neutrality is gonna smack you on the head soon if you don't learn about it and help make the right decisions.  At the heart, this is about the company that provides you with Internet access deciding how you use that access.  Sounds pretty creepy, right?  But believe it or not there are good, sensible factors to both sides of the argument.  You don't want Comcast (for example) deciding you've got better things to do than search out pictures of naked celebrities (it is crucial to your doctorial thesis after all!)  But similarly, you don't want someone in your neighborhood (with whom you actually share cable modem bandwidth) from setting up a server of naked celebrity pictures because then your connection speeds will go to hell.

So, good news!  Lots of info out there for you to read and form your own opinion. 

Free will: it's an incredible drag.


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