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October 17, 2009

Getting ready for Halloween already...

We shake our heads once again at the opportunistic thin-skinned cretins who make so many unreasoned changes in what would otherwise be a perfectly reasonable and happy life.

Today's case, a minor thing, but still... can't we all try to see a bit past our own agendas, or even stop trying so hard to find someone to step on our toes?

We give you: The Illegal Alien costume.  Apparently an orange jump suit with stereotypical bug-eyed alien mask. Illegal Alien is stenciled on front of the jump suit.  But this is more a play on the word Alien than an attack on any specific racial group.  Surely no one in their right mind looks at the alien head and draws that conclusion, unless they're trying to gain some free national attention. 

Or they're the news media trying to create a new scandal to outrage viewers (and keep them viewing.)

Our costume this year, domino masks.  Of course we're probably going to offend the notoriously rabid raccoon lobby...


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