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October 4, 2009


Yes, we like the iPhone - in theory. The gotchas here keep us from actually buying.

First, if we're going to tote around an MP3 player, it's got to replace our current ones, which means 60gb or more storage: Fail.

Second, we've almost gotten over our our prior experiences with Cingular's terrible customer service and sub-par connectivity, and rebranding that as AT&T: Fail.

But we didn't know there'd be another technical reason coming out, one that we actually feel weird on because we don't really like the technology involved but admit it's part of much of the web.  Apparently there won't be Flash for the iPhone any time soon.  Lots of other new smartphones will be supported by Adobe in early 2010, but not iPhone.

Wow, that's weird.  Kinda like a kid saying the cabbage and beet dinner would have been OK if only there was more liver.


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