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September 26, 2009


So there are states with laws prohibiting texting while driving.

And then there are states that have considered such laws but didn't pass them.

We're of two minds here.

First, how reclusive are law makers to not have almost (or actually) been sideswiped by some mouth breather who was using both of their opposable thumbs to tap out some message about who did what to whom behind whose back while navigating city traffic 20 miles an hour above the speed limit? Do they not drive? Or are they just too drunk to notice?

Second, how stupid is this subset of the human race that they think they can stare at a screen that is hard enough to read standing still much less while balanced on the top of a wheel that should pretty much be kept in motion to avoid hitting other morons too out of touch to know they shouldn't be putting on eyeliner while munching a hoagie and slurping scalding coffee and piloting a dinosaur of an SUV?

Yeah, we spin this around in our heads for a while and then decided it's time to scratch out the signatures on our organ donor cards. We'll sleep better knowing we're not likely to be responsible for putting one of these back on the road.


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