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September 25, 2009

Friend or foe...

A lot of you folks are either new to the working world, or about to enter it.  We just wanted to pass something along that isn't obvious at first, and yet should be.

If you're in a company of  any size, there will be a person or organization that manages "human resources." This person may sound friendly, may look fair, may talk like your best friend.  However, they're the furthest thing from that. The main job of human resources these days is to make sure the company doesn't get sued... by it's employees. 

So remember this one little thing: if you have a real complaint, something that matters like you've been abused, wronged, or threatened by management, don't take it to your HR representative.  Go see a lawyer. And for your own sake be quiet about it when you're at work. There's no reason to give anyone a clue as to what you're doing.

Remember, the only honest basis for friendship is that you've paide for it.


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