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September 21, 2009

When it's time to have that special talk...

Sometime, there's a point in every young boy or girl's life when their parent must take them aside to impart special wisdom.  And for those parents, it's often helpful to have a guide, a reference to make that talk easy to understand and to impart just enough fear in the child so that they respect the subject matter.  That's why we're recommending Cthulhu 101.

When it comes to explaining the wonders that are the sleeping old ones, this new book from Atomic Overmind Press stands head and shoulders above any other primmer on the things from another dimension. They take every aspect of this insanity inducing subject, and spoon feed it to you in amazingly digestible lumps.

Again, that's Cthulhu 101. A guide as valuable as a properly drawn elder sign.


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