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August 29, 2009


We just came across this "Mallard Fillmore" comic strip. No real surprise we've missed it so far, apparently most newspapers want humor on their comics page.

At first we were offended.  Who would write a comic where the main character is a mentally deficient water fowl, raving like a Sterno bum who... well has run out of Sterno. Where is the politically correct outrage, making fun of mentally deficient mallards?  Where?

Then we learned that this is actually supposed to be "the right-wing  response to all the leftist propaganda served up by the other comic strips.

Wow, now we understand. It's not the character who is suffering brain damage, it's the author Bruce Tinsley (if that is indeed a real name).  Way to pick your important fights big guy.  Good luck with the whole raging duck thing, it brings such elegance to your non-sequitur arguments.

Oh, and apparently you stole the character name from DC Comics too.  Very nice


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