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August 12, 2009


With the spurning of qualified latina Sotomayor, the Republican party basically said to Mexican Americans everywhere that they're really happy with the gardening work, but a bit afraid of "you people" getting real power in government.

Spokesperson for all things Latin, George Lopez, summed things up nicely when he said given changing demographics, Republicans might as well get used to losing in the years to come because "you won't win a ... pie-eating contest."  To which many clueless GOPers stirred in their adult diapers and murmured "Hmmm... pie."

In fact, the remaining pasty-white-and-wrinkled constituency, should probably just accept change and rebrand the GOP acronym from Grand Old Party to Grandpa's Old Party. Of course we realize that not everyone in the party is a close-minded, got-mine, hey-you-kids-of-color-get-off-my-lawn senile lying sack of shit.  It's just that so many of them aspire to be so.

Of course we kid. We know plenty of fine Republican's that reject the two-faced do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do socially intrusive and morally suspect aspects of the GOP party, and are simply members because they're greedy bastards.

And we can respect that, after a fashion.


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