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July 8, 2009

Yay, Evolution Avoided Again!

One tenant of evolution is that members of a species that are ill-equipped to deal with the environment die out.

However, mankind has this habit of keeping them around, by damaging the more adept members of the species through law and societal convention.

Case in point: acetaminophen.  A safe and effective pain killer that simply asks you to keep track of how much you've had.  Count to 8 in a day, no more.  Two every four to six hours. 

Whoa, watch your kalculus nerd boy!  Ya think we can do all that fancy mathamamatics?

But now, because people don't read labels, can't count, won't ask their doctor, the FDA is discussing ways to make acetaminophen harder to get, less effective, with more annoying packaging.

See, it's simple.  The people who can't count, die out.  They don't procreate.  The herd gets stronger.  Sure we lose "Great Aunt Obesitybeast", but she smells a bit funny and given her colesterol count and diabetes she isn't going to be around that much longer anyway. We spend less on social services, insurance, and elevate our over all standard of living. We should be making more drugs that require the patient to count to eight or even higher!

We can avoid Idiocracy in our lifetimes!

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