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June 22, 2009

China is so funny...

The land of a billion citizens is telling Google "No Porn."  Instructions are explicit: don't show results that include pornography.  This probably includes an extended definition of what the Chinese government considers porn, and boy wouldn't we love to read that.  Unlikely it includes the phrase "community standards."

Why so grouchy? Why treat your populace like 14 year old boys?  Well, there's a billion of them already, they're probably concerned about anything that gets them randy and ready. Overpopulation is a problem, and the government's heavy hand is already in there in the most arcane and brutal manner possible. And since their one-child policy is already killing so many girl babies, this is one fucked-up society to be born into.

What's funny here is that education is not emphasized, instead there are fines, forced sterilization, and abortion are the prevailing forms of birth control. But educating the country about effective, inexpensive, and self-applied birth control seems to get less emphasis than the brutal post-mistake tools. 

Hm. We started off saying this was funny. Guess we were wrong.


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