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June 18, 2009

All of a sudden we respect... Bret Michaels?

Yeah, you've probably seen the "Poison at the Tony Awards" video where Michaels is hit by a stage scrim. Over and over and over...

Does he look like a dope, or a victim.  While we don't totally rule out dope, we're going with victim as it's the stage hand's job to keep the talent safe from their machinations.  And we suspect any jury would agree.

But news this morning is that Michaels is accepting this all as an accident, that it's not something to sue and profit from. Again, he's not suing, not complaining. How refreshing.

There may be hope for humanity. At the very least, imagine our surprise at finding something here to award with our respect! Unlike so many other petty bickerings blown out of proportion...


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