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June 11, 2009

Last Day for Analog...

Oh, we see you now, sitting in front of your old Zenith with your rabbit ears, getting the last free analog signal broadcast before your world becomes disconnected by digital tyranny.

The funny thing here is the paranoia built up by broadcast stations and cable companies who don't want you to be disconnected for even a day or two. Is it the fear of lost eyes for those days, or is it the worry that you might find that without TV life goes on, somewhat more productive and creative life at that?

Nah, they're just trying to avoid customer support calls that cost them money with no real return.  The real wonder here is how they've built up this paranoia; that if you don't have your equipment in place tomorrow that you'll be forever lost, unable to connect.  Where the truth is, waiting to see if your current system actually fails before going out and buying new stuff, scheduling new installations, is the most reasonable way of dealing with the situation.  Come the 12th, if you're still working you're fine. If not, then fix it.  But if you spent money, time, effort doing unnecessary upgrades, you're just another easily lead fool.

But then again, television is all about creating easily led fools.


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