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June 7, 2009

We used to be Palm users

We loved the clever little box they made.  Used it for years.  But eventually the competition ramped up and they fell behind the rest of the field, and we moved on with so many others.

Now the Pre tries to strike a new iPhone pose, plus keyboard (yeah, a good addition) but... hey it's still Palm. Two day's out of the box and Apple will be moving the bar again, a new iPhone with more features (we still think they fall short in real mobile user horsepower, and can't get past our hate for AT&T/Cingular.)

It's not enough to come close to your competition, especially when that competition is the market leader.  No, you have to exceed them, address their faults, or just provide better service.

Pre... ironic.  Prefix for "before." As in, not now.


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