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June 56, 2009

We're amazed...

We typically have a pretty low estimation of the general populace. The homogenized stupidity that looms over us and dooms civilization. Rarely do we have this estimate lowered, it feels bottomed out most of the time.  But today it took a big dip.

Someone just explained the show Jon & Kate Plus 8 to us.

We kept seeing pictures of this snarky bitch and her lazy husband (?) surrounded by all these little kids. Amazed commentators saying how good this woman was looking in her swimsuit (yeah, about that...?)  And this unshaven lout who apparently lives to be filmed cheating on his wife (Brilliant! If you're on a reality TV show, continue to live as if no one was filming you 24/7.)

Really, what's the value here?  This isn't even an attractive train wreck. Kids, turn off the TV, go outside, make something... 

Or at least switch the channel over to Nicktoons.


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