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May 15, 2009


We always laugh a little when we hear the outrageous claims that Macintosh is somehow immune to viruses. This is of course patently untrue. Over and over the platform has been exposed with security problems, admittedly as they are fixed, but those fixes would not be necessary if there were no potential for attack.

No Apple's bragging is somewhat like a street person commenting on how no one has tried to rip off their shopping cart lately. Hey, there might be something someone wants in there, but it simply isn't worth the effort against the gain.   

It's simple marketing.  If you're only going to get a slide of the pie, go after the bigger pie.  In this case, there's a whole world of non-Apple computer users out there to be plundered, against a relatively Cupertino sized slice.

Now, get off the operating system side of this equation, and look at applications. We've got good intel that the number of Facebook users exceeds the Macintosh population, so guess what!  Facebook viruses, scams, phishing, all on the upswing. 

Wonder what the Facebook guy will look like on those John Hodgman and Justin Long ads?


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