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May 13, 2009

Craig's Adult List...

Well, the murder of a masseuse who advertised in the Erotic section of Craig's List will apparently be avenged by crusading puritans. Armed with a charter of apparently avoiding homicide instead of preventing happy endings, these preventers of erotica put enough pressure on the cyber penny-saver to make them cave. (We did take note that the Illinois Attorney General looked kind of hot in a Sarah Palin meets Tina Fey working way too hard kind of way.)

The Erotic section of Craig's List will be renamed Adult, and will apparently be monitored by employees to root out potential masseuse victims through some form of casual profiling.  We may be extrapolating there a bit.

We did note that as of this morning you can apparently still arrange a meeting with a "@ Visiting town pre op ts girl @@" in Union Square.  Unlikely anything strange going on there...


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