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April 23, 2009


iPhone users are always bragging about their apps.  "Hey, got an app that finds all my friends within three blocks of the restaurant I'm at and sends them all the menu!" Yeah, OK, can you take us off your friends list?

But yesterday we got a peek at the real apps we've been expecting that would take advantage of the touch screen and motion detector -enabled device; Baby Shaker.  Yes, like any babysitter from a trailer park knows, shake a crying baby hard enough and they quiet right down... forever.  Apple has pulled the app, but remember that this one did make it through their rigorous approval process.

Still, it gives us hope for new entertainment on the iP line, titles that would make use of the motion detector, or the touch screen, in real world fashion:

See, easy enough, and we came up with those while the first pot of coffee was still percolating.  Give it a go yourself, you may write a new business plan. More than enough there to drive next quarter's Apple profits...


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