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April 3, 2009

We browse a lot of news...

You may have noticed that. Obscure sources, or common sources, it's all good. Doing this we've noticed a couple of things:

Typically internet news is divided up into things like US, World, Business, Entertainment, etc.  We realized recently that World news is one of the last places we go to for something to comment on.

Very little of what we see in World news is reason for laughter or joy, even when that's "laughing at someone" or "joy at the expense of their deserved discomfort." And as much as we point at the more rural areas in the US and mock their small minded, simple, even brutal attitudes towards the elevation of civilized discourse and human potential, they're so much further along than so many areas where brutality and ignorance is systematized as a recognized part of their government, culture, or extrapolation of their religious tenants.

No wonder it's not funny.

Just thought we'd share.


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