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April 2, 2009

A peek at how it could have been...

We rest easier this morning knowing how we dodged a bullet last November. The news this morning that Senator John McCain is busy seeking a pardon for Jack Johnson puts into bright lights the kind of focus and priority ol' sleepy might have brought to his first hundred days as president of the United States.

Sure it's all well and good to look to pardon those unfairly punished. But this is a guy who is dead. Whose "crime" no longer would be enforced.  Sure, an injustice, but go back 100 years and injustices like this were a dime a dozen (yeah, that phrase was hot back then too.)

You may say "well, McCain isn't president, what does it matter if he's totally out of touch with the current state of the union, the problems of the common living man, or of the current problems of the current generation of black Americans?" 

But isn't he still a fucking Senator?  Doesn't he have constituents in his home state of Fuckedupsnakecrazytown? Sure, and given they voted him into that office we're sure they're 100% behind John's current campaign to fix America by a symbolic pardoning of Jack Johnson.

As sure as we are that we sleep easier knowing he doesn't live on Pennsylvania Ave.


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