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March 24, 2009

So sad, the state of the educated...

What to do if you're free for spring break, but have no place to go?  Heading off to the Bahamas?  Not in this economy. Florida? Geez, that place is so toxic, but if you're on the East coast already... maybe. Mexico?  Are you out of your fucking mind? You could lose your head down there... more than in the past. And yeah dude, Acapulco is still Mexico.  So is Cabo, and that little place called Tijuana... don't go there.

One travel agent tried desperately to put some perspective on the whole drug cartel murders thing

It has to do with our poor grasp of geography,'' said Pauline Frommer, a budget travel expert and daughter of famed travel guide writer Arthur Frommer. "Mexico is a huge country. It's like saying don't go to New York City because there are murders in Detroit." Frommer said she would take seriously warnings to stay away from border towns where violence is occurring, and advised all travelers do their homework before going to Baja California, the destination of many California students.

"The biggest danger is getting drunk and doing stupid things you would never do at home,'' she said.

Lady, are you listening to yourself?

Our advice for all you college degenerates? Vegas baby. Patriots keep their debauchery in the local economy.


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