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March 21, 2009

A week of excuses #5: Automobile trouble

Since around 1975, nobody has really understood how their car works. The best folks can do is know when it's not working right, and most times they're wrong about the probable cause.  Car trouble gives an incredible amount of wiggle room, and great evidence.  If you arrive three hours late for work, driving a different car, it gives credibility to the idea that your vehicle is having trouble and you don't have to give much of an answer. A little grease under your fingernails or a small smudge on your cheek, it's art. Describe grinding sounds, no dome light, large puddles of green or purple fluid under the car... all good beginnings, and you need go no further. Others who similarly have no idea what they're talking about will fill in the blanks for you, and the beauty of it is that the next day the car can start right up like there was never a problem... of course.

  Rather than tell you the truth, we'll let you choose all week long. Feel free to use these for yourself.  

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