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March 7, 2009

Public Service Reminder

Again we approach the balancing of the world's clocks against the slightly uncooperative rotation of the Earth around the Sun.  Minor adjustments must be made to our calculation of the abstracted measurement of a year, by systematically adjusting hours and minutes every now and then.

It's complicated, hard to explain, but this year is a Daylight Savings leap-nudge.  Given we're following a leap year, having already pushed ahead significantly, this year's adjustments for Daylight Savings Time is similarly odd.

Tonight at midnight (impractical yes, you can do this earlier in the evening if you like.) Set your clocks all forward 30 minutes.  Gaining the first half of your "saved" hour.  

Tomorrow at midnight do the other 30 minutes.

This way you ease into the time change, gaining your hour without adversely affecting your sleeping habits.

Enjoy your newly adjusted clocks!


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