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February 19, 2009

Here's the deal Facebook...

Everyone is up in arms about your now (at least temporarily) rescinded change in your terms of service, or TOS as the kids like to call it.

What's sad here is that we think you guys actually like your customers, and probably want to do good things for them, but you forgot to look out for them.  Turned the whole uninteresting issue over to a group of lawyers and said "make it good."

But you forgot one thing: Lawyers never "make it good."  Nobody cares when you say "we would never do that" because your lawyers have given you the rights to do it anyway.  And when you sell the company, the new owners may not be as altruistic as you claim to be... and so your customers would be screwed.

So now you have that lawyer fail stink all over you and you'll probably learn that you can't trust them even if you hire them to look out for you.  You'll probably spend more time on top of them, and a little less time trying to figure out how to get us to invite all our friends to the latest Zombie Tag game. 

And so, it's a good thing.


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