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February 12, 2009

And we need this because?

Poor Mr. Lincoln.  Nobody wants your pennies. With general devaluation over time, the penny is somewhat of an embarrassment to us all. Cashers will typically let you slide a couple of pennies rather than have to make change.  Those due a couple of cents change walk away instead of waiting. Penny jars fill because we don't want them in our pockets or purses.

So what does the US Treasury do? Of course it gives us more pennies.

Four new pennies, chronicling the life of Abraham Lincoln, will be put into circulation starting on his 200th birthday this year.  Just in time to break out a new jar at home.

Of course this is a nice gesture, but given Abe is also on the much more desirable five dollar bill, maybe they could have chosen a denomination with a bit more allure?

  And you have permission to slap anyone who says this is "Change we can believe in."  

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