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January 5, 2009

Fifteen days...

Then it's party time.  Right?

While we're as excited about a new president as most of you, we'd like to keep a bit of perspective. For example, you know the best thing about a party? Keeping it the fuck quiet until it's here. We really don't want minute-by-minute updates on how all the preparation is going for the next two weeks.

And let's just leave the Obama kids out of the news all together, eh?  You don't have a right to know what school the girls are going to, or how the parents in that school feel about it all.  None of our business, none of your business.  Certainly nothing the news media needs to dedicate time to dig into and report on every night.

But of course we're dreaming here.  We're going to hear from the caterers and teachers, from the entertainers and parents, from the bus driver and the fireworks engineers, as if they were all an essential part of government. Because that's what our news media is now, a fucking page out of Entertainment Weekly. And, pardon the pun, it's pretty weak entertainment. If only "Change we can believe in" went a little further...

And that is why we just subscribed to streaming video via Netflix...


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