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December 28, 2008


We like breasts as much as the next 15 to 1000 guys. That is to say that one of those things you never, ever, hear guys saying is "I'm so tired of looking at breasts, and I'm out of $1 bills..."

However, we're coming down as opposed to the whole Facebook controversy about breast feeding pictures. That is to say, we're not siding with the "Raging Grannies" who say/sing breasts are not porn and want Facebook to embrace user photos of large, milk-swollen boobies with suckling babies attached.

Well, for one thing, we have to agree that most Grannie's breasts aren't porn, unless you subscribe to that whole GILTF thing, and we're not with you there brother. But done right, breasts are some of the best porn out there. And breast feeding pictures do not advance that art form, they just make them a little creepy.

That is unless we know we're next in line.

Seriously though, there are enough crazies out there to worry Facebook, and it has the right to protect itself against them all. Sure enough if there were tons of bared breasts, babies attached or not, on F-Book, we'd see some riled-up bible belters talking about taking F-Book on for exposing innocent minds to the images of breasts. And the social web site can and should be allowed to fight off whatever crazies it fears most.  And we all know that the nutbags we should all fear are the prudish wave of insanity against nudity in the name of religion, public decency, or getting the men-folk riled up and putting nasty thoughts in their minds about a wife's nightly duty. 

So fight on Facebook. Duck and cover when it comes to trying to define the place of nudity in our lives.  We all know the sight of a naked swollen breast is only appropriate for truly innocent babies, and of course the rest of us perverts.


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