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December 27, 2008

So, the media drives us crazy...

Oh mass communications, you do tend to be the psychotic girlfriend of our stable of information input.

Take for example, the current economic downturn. Turn on the television news.  Local is better for this, but national is just as crazy.

One news article on the news will spotlight how to save money by re-gifting things we aren't using. That such tactics are important as we weather this storm.

The next will wail on about how store sales are down, that people are only buying when prices get cut 50% or more. And spotlights how "until people get confident again, want to spend money again, things will get worse."

Which of course makes us reconsider that whole re-gifting thing, puppet strings straining.

Maybe dictators are right. When they have trouble they take over the news agencies and make sure the populace is given the illusion of business as usual.  However, we're not that lucky - when our leaders take over the news we end up in a new war.

We're giving up on you psycho-news. We suspect your previous boyfriend left you as damaged goods, and you'll only be happy when you can damage others as much as you have been.

And frankly, we get enough of that in real life.


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