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December 26, 2008

Bam! Obama Abs!

One more reason we're happy to have a young, reasonable man in the White House - he's a healthy guy.  Quitting cigarettes was a great move, as we're reassured to see we've got a commander in chief elect who can master his own bad side.  Now we're seeing that he's also fit, photos from his recent Hawaiian vacation show what is probably the first American president with six-pack abs.

Of course, this leaves the new first lady with a little catching up to do. Even in the Reagan White House you'd have to admit that Nancy was a little higher on the eye-candy chart than Ronnie. It's kind of a tradition that the lady of the white house be more of a distraction in this area than the gentleman.

And no, we're not going to rate the Clintons in this little exercise. Bill had some kind of mojo going on to be sure, but it was probably some mutant pheromone rather than the body he built with the help of MacDonald's.

  Now just imagine what the papers would have looked like had McCain won.  No we're not going at the idea of Sarah in a bikini, we'd be more afraid of shots of John lounging around in a banana hammock. 

Yes, you have permission to head for the nearest porcelain bowl at that thought.


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