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December 6, 2008

A funny kind of "Conservatism"...

This just in.  Remember the $150k wardrobe shopping spree that the Soccer Mom took after her joining the McCain campaign. Well, turns out they did even more to stimulate the economy.

The NY Times reports today that three "stylists" were enlisted to makeover the Alaskan beauty queen soccer mom into something that looked more like a politician.  Right....

And the cost for this... breaking the big items down:

Wonder what the soccer mom had to say about all this? Palin wouldn't speak to the press herself, but her spokesperson (we're not sure how much the spokesperson makes) stated that although she has not seen the itemized list, and still can't name a newspaper or magazine where she might review such list, she was unaware of the exorbitant nature of the expenses, and added that she still is a bit confused about the whole Africa/country thing.

Finally, there are costs listed for Home Optics, a store in Chugiak, Alaska, about a half-hour from Ms. Palin’s home in Wasilla, to $79.98 spent at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Which is apparently where conservative dicks buy sporting goods.


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