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December 3, 2008

The train wreck we know...

The one sure thing in pop journalism is to play to the reader's darkest yearnings.  Two things lead this category: the fall of celebrity, and the recovery and return of the fallen celebrity.

We give you the Circus of Britney.

Headlines forgive and trumpet her revitalization. Doesn't her air-brushed photo look great, it's like she's 17 and illegal all over again. The comeback is in place, the lights, a new album, the lack of kids... it's so perfect!

Because we know it's all playing out on thin ice, that there's no reason to expect extended stability here. It's the second sure thing in pop journalism; we're always more comfortable riding the train wreck we know.

  And what about that hair?  Hers?  Does it really grow back that fast and that way?  Nah, we're not really that innocent, it's just kinda weird looking at her great mane and thinking about her whole Sinead O'Connor look.  

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