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November 20, 2008

Sheer Awesomeness...

We often wonder what skills we might pick up in prison.  No, not the drug dealing, house breaking types of skills.  The impressive skills that take days, weeks, months of concentrated effort to perfect.  Like running a coin back and forth over your knuckles just by moving them wavelike.  Or that stabbing the board between each of your fingers with a knife, back and forth, without bleeding.

And yet, we expect many folks are able to perfect a skill or performance without actually being convicted.  Like this guy.  This had to have taken weeks of practice, to say nothing of composition and planning.  We like to think he did it all on his own. Locked in an unfurnished studio apartment.  With only a camera, four t-shirts, and the requisite MP3 player.

Someday maybe we'll be so lucky.


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