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November 11, 2008

Oh, if you only looked as good as geeks...

For some time we've noted the number of, well... let's call them morons for lack of a better term, who lumber around malls and stores either talking on their bluetooth earpiece or just having it inserted in anticipation of that very important call from their sister-in-law or bookie so they can do their impersonation of a street person shouting at invisible friends.

And they do shout, these Lobot-wannabees, not because their devices can't hear them, but they want everyone else to share in their conversation, and admire their "high-tech coolness." 

If only.

You consumer-monkeys only barely grok your tech, just enough to "stick it in your ear" as you were told, again misinterpreting that metaphor.

Now we have this to contend with.  Listen to this guy, spokesperson for a generation.  "Wenever yer done talkin' on the phon..." Sigh. Do you people really have that much trouble with losing your earpieces.

  And guess what genius, your device makes it so people either won't hear their incoming calls (if they're on) or they'll miss them while they turn on the earpiece and wait for it to connect to the paired phone...  Brilliant!  

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