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November 6, 2008

OK, one more time...

Signaling before your turn is not a sign of weakness.  It proves you're thinking, and helps traffic flow. 

Not signaling proves that you're either too stupid to drive, too distracted to be in traffic, or that whatever you drove before coming to this country already knew the way home and you could sleep in the cart. That won't work any more.

And that whole signaling when you start your turn... don't even get us started on that.  You're just proving you know about the lever, just not how it works to communicate with other drivers. 

  What is it with post-daylight savings drivers?  We can understand how the whole "all of a sudden it's dark" at night would throw some of you, but the "all of a sudden it's light" in the morning bit confusing you seems a tad weird.  

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