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October 16, 2008


Some feel compelled only seconds after a debate, as if it were a basketball game where they could just reference the score, to announce a winner. We're a sports-driven society, we want the post-game chatter, we want to be given a clear-cut decision with lots of instant replay.

Of course this is a fallacy.  Unless one of the debaters actually does something dramatic, like loses bowel control or starts speaking in tongues, the definition of a winner is something that actually plays out in the minds of voters over the next few days or weeks.

Exceptions to this are Fox News zombies who simply tune in to hear how they are supposed to feel, and those others who can't look at McCain without thinking about all those age-related drug ads on TV.

And then again, for some groups of voters, that whole speaking in tongues technique could be a real draw.


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