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October 1, 2008

Leave Heather Alone!

Ok, maybe this should have been a weird YouTube video so you could see our crazy blonde hair and tears, but we'll leave the visualization up to you.

Anyway, we're not really going that crazy lady-boy breakdown route anyway.  And it's not really that we want to come to Heather Locklear's defense.  It's more about skewering the celebrity journalism class in itself.

Case in point.  Locklear recently arrested for DUI.  However, once she gets the blood test, she passes - under the .08 folks. Unfortunately, there's still suspicion of other unnamed controlled substances being involved, and the perception that HL was disoriented when arrested. But really, have you ever been to LA?

So why arrested?  Well apparently Jill Ishkanian, an out of work celeb journalist, called in the 911 report of HL's driving while intoxicated. And then the little minx called in the paparazzi to capture the event in the name of journalistic integrity. Because this is news you need to know.

So who needs to go to jail?


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