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September 30, 2008

Kicking and screaming...

Damn, but we think October is our least favorite month. We're going to try to enjoy this last day of September, the last few failing weeks of what we pretend is still Summer Vacation, but we know it's futile.

The end of September is like every Sunday evening that you know is just the precursor to going back to work or school on Monday. Opportunity hangs lifeless in the air, almost making you think you've got some additional time to yourself, but in fact you're facing down the eventual return to drudgery.

But unlike the turn of the week, the turn of the month from September to October issues in darker days, longer nights, sunsets before dinner and eventual rain, snow, whatever. And that little nastiness called "daylight savings."  Look, if you give it back each year you aren't saving anything, just give it up.

OK, we can get though this. We always have.  But it isn't like we have to like it.

At least it isn't happening on a Sunday.  


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