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September 4, 2008

Two for flinching...

We have to come to the defense of those who chose to evacuate in the face of Gustav this week. Of course the Monday morning quarterbacks are coming out now and saying that the local and national governments overreacted. 

Yeah right.

Seriously, if you were still recovering from the last big storm to wreck your town, kill your people, and seriously hurt your tourist trade, you'd probably skedaddle when you heard another was coming. And we'd be right there with you.

Actually, if you want to blame someone, blame the meteorologists, who were predicting a category 5 storm.  Given the look of those levees during the much milder storm, evacuation in the face of a 5 was a no brainer.  A 5 would have been a disaster, and may still be.

We know what it means to miss New Orleans.  We don't want to do it again.


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