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August 29, 2008

We were all set to write about Obama...

But something even more prominent came to mind.  Bush.

Notice how last night Obama kept alluding to McCain as the third Bush term, that McCain voted with Bush 95% of the time, how we can't let the current state of affairs go on. Bush comes out like some disease that's been infecting the country for eight years.

And to be sure, to be absolutely sure, McCain will try to distance himself from Bush during his discourse. He will point out differences left and right, as if desperately trying to convince us that he did not arrive on the same short bus as W. He'll do this in his droopy dog, whiney little voice.  (Oh man do we want to see presidential debates!) It will be good TV for those of us who like to laugh.

But what we really want here, what we would pay top dollar to have on our set, is a little picture-in-picture of George sitting at home watching all this. His reactions, his drinking habits, his trash-talking of whomever is currently trashing him. And maybe some tears.

Yeah, that's what we'd like most of all.

  Has there ever been a presidential suicide attempt?  Note we say attempt, as we're pretty sure he'd screw that up too.  

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