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August 26, 2008

Backwards Airlines...

Like so many companies these days, the airlines have got their priorities backwards.

They pander to their frequent fliers; setting aside blocks of preferred position seats, letting them waddle onto the plane first, giving them a special area to squat in before the flight... it's kind of disgusting.

What they don't realize is that those FF's have to fly.  They'd board the plane to get to their meeting in another city regardless. They don't need the perks, they're a captive audience, addicted, must-flyers who don't have a choice.

What they're doing is disincentivising the rest of us, the infrequent flyers, who really could go without that flight, could drive, or could just pick up the phone and avoid the trip all together. Even when we book weeks ahead we have to put up with center seats, no overhead storage (because fat-ass early boarder here thinks both his bags should go up there so he gets some leg-room) and standing room only as we wait to board.

Yeah, we're flying again.  Fucking center seats.

  And yeah, we know it's all about competition for their flying dollar between airlines.  We just don't give a fuck about that.  

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