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August 25, 2008

Don't smile at us...

We're going to tell you a basic truth today: Beware of smiling people.

We're not talking about pleasant folk, who respond nicely with a smile before they go back to a more normal facial expression, such as concentration, discerning focus, annoyance, or even anger.  Those people you can trust, because you can read them.  Their face is relaying what they're thinking, what their attitude is at that moment.

Smiling people, those who somehow find reason to smile all the time, fall in one of two categories. 

The first is the clueless.  They have no idea what is going on, and they're blissfully ignorant. Like herd animals or penned zoo critters you can pretty much ignore this bunch.

The second is the set you really need to watch out for; the calculating.  They know that for most people a smile is disarming, promotes trust, engenders people to their side. And most could slit your throat, either actually or metaphorically, without breaking from that grin.

Of course, when you recognize a smiler, there's only one recourse - smile back. Then get the hell away.  It gets freaky quick, just don't loose track of yourself in your own facade.


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