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August 23, 2008

No, really, just look at the little guy...

Right off the bat, we'll admit this: back when he originally ran against George W. Bush, we kinda liked McCain.  He had his own ideas, he seemed to be bucking the "owned by big business and crazy evangelicals" stance of every other big Republican candidate. He kind of had some credibility.

But no more of course.  He's just another tool of Pastor Big Brother Inc.

But today we want to point one more thing out.  The guy looks like a cross between a stuffed albino teddy-bear and a sock puppet. He looks weak, spineless. He sounds like a kid who can't explain the porno mags his grandma found under his matress. Or one who whines that the other boys have an unfair advantage with the cuter girls. We know we've mentioned his "Droopy Dog" parallels before, but it's starting to go beyond that.  He really has the posture and presence of an annoying neighbor at a PTA meeting, or perhaps that kid in the class that everyone figured was a snitch... but we could never quite catch him.

And we hate to say this, really we do, but even W has more presidential regality than McSame.  Whew, pardon us as we walk about some to get over having written that...

...Ok, back.

Guess the real message here is when you put someone like that in charge of some of the biggest penis substitutes in the world, you have to worry a bit.

Or a lot.


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