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August 21, 2008

Amazing Hoax!

What? Those good ol' boys with the big foot corpse, including a po-lice man and a cor-rections officer, we're jes' kiddin about their find.  Seems it was a store-bought costume froze in a block of ice.


Oops! Now them boys is in a heapa trouble, first fired from jobs and now legal actions from fine upstandin Bigfoot Hunters is on the way.

Actually, we're most surprised at how much time the standard news services spent on this without requiring a hands-on investigation. This thing went on for weeks, but those fat-asses apparently couldn't get off their butts and check out the mask and suit, instead satisfied in simply rebroadcasting the same blurry photo provided to them by the pranksters.

Of course that's the same way the media has handled the whole Bush administration for the past seven years...


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